2014 summary

Wow! 2014 happened so fast. How do you feel about that? Before we’ll head for the new and unknown, we’d like to talk about what we’ve just left behind. 2014 was an eventful year. Lot’s of important stuff – sad (less often) and happy (more often).


In January, we hardly got over the release gig for Perfect Ocean, we opened for Ania Rusowicz which we liked very much and we posted our cool photo session.
In February, after 3 long and fruitful years, Kuba Tracz has left us. That was a huge blow. We manipulated the photos but we never got rid of the original! We also got our cool vinyl video on-line.
March brought the last (or so we thought) clicking contest – Skoda Auto Muzyka. Some guys from Trojka, the national public radio, noticed us because of that. Nice!
April started with opening gig for Justin Bieber scheduled for the 1st. Then we played an important RAW POP gig which started a RAW POP Tour where we met our dearest and loving friends from Magnificent Muttley (do check them out!). 
In May, there were some more concerts of the tour, including one at Off Plus Camera Festival (as a taste of things to come in the fall). Also, the first LIVE cd was released.
June you can call a small success: you’ve voted us through Skoda Auto Muzyka and Męskie Granie. That handed us over to the jury and let us play at MG in Sopot and got Remember Me released on a promo split from Skoda. Wheee!
July is a summer break and the second LIVE album that year.
August, still a summer break and a gig with Zuza Skolias (remember Perfect Day? That’s her!).
September is when all the hard work started (we werent’s sure back then if was going to be fruitful at all). Our work and yours, too. You crowdfunded our fall tour at wspieramkulture.pl (with some contribution from Grolsch).
In October, we started the rehearsals with Łukasz Wierzbicki and Małgorzata Tekiel – our bassists for the upcoming tour. It started on the 9th and went on for 30 gigs till December. Meanwhile, Nobody’s Gonna Put Out The Fire hit 20,000 views and FB hit 2,500 fans. 
In November we were honored to play at Crowd Festival (by wspieramkulture.pl) and in Nuremberg, Germany. We also finished Remember Me video which we’d been working on for 6 months (and shot in one day), and which has 4,500+ views since the release. Oh, and we bought a car.
The end of November and December was a fantastic end of the tour – opening for Natalia Przybysz, the unplugged gig in Kraków, Jasło, Sanok…
Oh, and the car broke down.

Throughout the year we gathered more than 800 of you, fans (so there’s almost 3,000 of us).
You visited our fanpage more than 20,000 times.
You watched our videos more than 40,000 times.
You listened to our album (online) more than 8,000 times.
On our part, we played 45 gigs (with 5 different bass players!) for almost 3,000 people.
We drove for more than 13,000 kilometers.
We recorded a music video. Just one.
We released two LIVE albums.
We did everything we could and wanted to do. 
And we’d like to thank you for that.

2015 is going to be special. It’s a tenth anniversary of the bands formation (as if it mattered!). We’re looking forward to it. But today, we’ll have some rest, before we set out 🙂