They say they play RAW POP which is just another name for simple rock’n’roll songs – just too noisy to be pop and too easy-listening to be the underground.

They’re a tasty blend of 70’s (Cream, Hendrix, Led Zep), 90’s (Neil Young, Pearl Jam) and the current times (well, they do sound a bit like themselves, too).

They record albums (Cinemon LP 2008, Three Days EP 2011, Perfect Ocean 2013, Masters of Second-guessing 2016) but mostly, they play live shows: the last three years have seen almost 200 of them. Here and there: in Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Norway, Austria, Germany…

Here they are: Cinemon. A modern times vintage rock, grunge, blues, pop. Whatever you like most, it’s there.

Live, they present certain worksmanship, feeling and musicality archetypal of the
times when rock music was not only entertainment but a real, joyful and honest emotion.
FiuFiu / Alternative Scene of Wroclaw

Imagine a downhill on a city bike. And flying a paraglider with your
eyes blindfolded. Pure insanity and freedom – that’s what their music is like
Agnieszka Hirt / DNA Muzyki

You were better than the other band!
Anonymous fans after concerts

Cinemon is:
Michał Wójcik – guitar, vocals
Jakub Pałka – drums, vocals
Tomasz Bysiewicz – bass

Arek Szost – sound engineer

Gone but not forgotten:
Basik – bass (2015-2018)
Łukasz Wierzbicki (gościnnie Cinetour 2014 + 2015-2018)- bass
Małgorzata Tekiel (gościnnie Cinetour 2014) – bass
Mateusz Samolong (gościnnie 2014) – bass
Kuba Tracz – bass, vocals
Michał Braszak – bass
Paweł Harańczyk – kbds
Mariusz Sitko – bass
Lechu – guitar, kbds
Paweł Gajda – bass
Bart – bass
Karolina Czerska – bass