Cinemon is:
Michał Wójcik – guitar, voc
Jakub Pałka – drums, voc
Basik – bass

The crew:
Arek Szost – sound engineer
Dominika Filipowicz – photo, video

Łukasz Wierzbicki – bass (on Cinetour 2014)
Małgorzata Tekiel – bass (on Cinetour 2014)
Kuba Tracz – bass, voc
Michał Braszak – bass
Paweł Harańczyk – keyboard
Mariusz Sitko – bass
Karolina Czerska – bass
Lechu – guitar, keyboard
Paweł Gajda – bass
Bart – bass

Long and boring BIO NOTE:
ATTENTION: JOURNALISTS/PROMOTORS! Please quote the below text thoughtfully. It’s not a PRESS NOTE, it’s a long and boring bio note. The PRESS NOTE IS —> HERE.

The band is founded in 2005 as a traditional power trio guitar-bass-drums (Michał-Karolina-Kuba). The ambition is to create something “different and unique”. From the very beginning there are lots of energy, freedom that sometimes reaches an absurd or avantgarde, and also a more complicated form – lots of rhythm and tonal shifts. Cinemon is an outcome of all inspirations of musicians that form it – starting with Led Zeppelin, through Pink Floyd, a Polish band Scianka, Dream Theater (sic!), King Crimson, ending with god knows what.

After a few personal changes (Bart, Lechu) in may 2007 Cinemon (with Mariusz Sitko on bass) starts working on the first album. It is subsequently self-released in february 2009.

The album contains 10 tracks which are a result of a few years’ work and development. Stylistically the music spans from rock’n'roll (Don’t You Remember, Little Babe), narcotic avantgarde (Barbiturany, Świńskie Wycie Judasza), a classics rip-off (Shall I…) or even progessive rock (Nobody Knows). The album is well acclaimed and the band gains a few fans…(check it out on

Right after the release of the album, Mariusz leaves the band and Michał Braszak fits the empty slot. Some new songs are made (RSPCP) and later, Paweł Harańczyk joins the band on keyboards. Band goes on like that for some time but after a year or so it falls apart.

Some serious rethinking later, Cinemon reforms to a classic rock’n'roll trio, with no keyboards and Kuba Tracz on the bass.

May 2011 is a return to the roots and coming up with as much new rock’n'roll material as possible. The old songs, too pompous and too complicated are lost on the way as not suitable for the new Cinemon (still, they’re quite good in their own right :-) CHECK THEM OUT GOD DAMN IT!

It’s simplier, more energetic and more free.

The beginning of 2012 brings the Three Days EP. It contains 5 songs spontaneously recorded in the rehearsal space (mix/master by Mateusz Kuraczyk from Magazine Studios in Knurow: Simplier music allowed the band to take part in a few contests: Hard Rock Rising (2nd in Krakow), Antyfest (1st price – support for Metallica), Żywiec Browar Rock (1st price), KozzAll Festival (the finals), Slot Art Festival (1st price).

In early 2013 Cinemon starts recording another album, this time an LP ( Something that was supposed to last for two weeks, eventually took three months (and we’re just talking about recording here). Nevertheless, these were nice (if a bit cold) three months.  Concert plans suffered from such a prolonged absence but the band managed to play more than thirty concerts anyway.  Also, to win a few contests (1st prize at Rock In Mińsk, 2nd prize at Skrzydlate Wiosło, main music prize at Fama) and to appear on festivals (T-Mobile New Horizons, Slot Art). The year closes with a release of the album Perfect Ocean.

The beginning of 2014 brings changes in the band’s line-up: Kuba Tracz leaves the band to focus on his main project Clock Machine. Thus, Cinemon becomes a duo with a live support from various bass players. Mainly Basik (ex-Rusty Cage, Million Much), who had substituted for Kuba in the past, and Matys (ex-Big Fat Mama, MA).

Two live albums are released in digital versions: Live @ Przestrzenie i Live @ Alchemia.

The Fall 2014 brings the biggest concert tour the band had ever done. A huge experiment in music, logistics and life resulted in success (the band survived!).

2015 was a time of preparation for new LP, interrupted with random concerts + a tour in the fall, promoting So Naive ( single from the upcoming album.

2016 is a start of exporting Cinemon to the EU, but that story we will tell you later :-)