- Winyl na Youtube

For those of you who’d like to taste the analog magic 馃槈 We’re not sure if Youtube is enough to provide that but it’s as close as it can get. Have fun.

- Albums shipped, download working

Quick info: we shipped a bigger part of the pre-ordered albums today. The other part we’re gonna ship tomorrow. Maybe somehow you’ll get them before Christmas.

Also, the download codes are finally working.

And this is all good news for today. Goodnight! 馃檪

- It’s out there!

Well, it’s December 16 which means we survived the release gig and the Perfect Ocean is out there. A handful of useful information for you:

First of all, the concert was very nice and we’d like to thank all involved (meaning you, the audience, and all who helped us with the gig and everything). If you don’t think it nice, you can amend your opinion while reading those (assuming you can read in Polish):

Secondly, the CD’s and vinyls are getting packed as we speak. There were quite a few orders so it can take a while. Be patient!

Thirdly, the download codes don’t work. We know that. And we’re working on that. Worry not, you’re not gonna lose your download but, again, be patient. It’s just life.

Fourthly, you can order your copy of Perfect Ocean (and all the other releases for that matter) at www.skladmuzyczny.pl. You can also get it directly from us (write to info[at]cinemon.pl). Don’t hesitate, improve your mood now.

Fifthly, if you’re not convinced yet, you can listen to the stream (hell with you the Internet, modern technology and contemporary attitude to the music!). We’re not gonna say where the stream is, though, just to make it complicated. Well, alright. It’s here: THE STREAM.

Last but not least, have a nice day. It’s nice to have one.

- New album, new web site

It’s high time for a little refreshment:聽 we present you with a new album and a new web site.
The release gig for the album is held on 11th of december in Alchemia聽 and we would very much like to invite you there.聽 It will be opened by The Silver Owls and closed by a long, exhausting concert of, well, our band 馃檪

The title of the album that we’ll be trying hard to promote is Perfect Ocean. And you can listen to it here —> http://www.cinemon.pl/music/perfect-ocean

If you feel particularly adventurous you can pre-order it here (the site is in Polish, though) —> http://skladmuzyczny.pl/category/pre-order-cinemon

Pre-order makes it seriously cheaper to enter the release gig, so the support you’ll give us by doing that simply pays off.


- Remember Me

A clip from the same gig but this time it’s edited by Sabina. Nice.

- Nobody鈥檚 Gona Put Out The Fire

Recording of an LP in progress. It’s almost there. Meanwhile, a few cool things on YT. Here comes the first one.