Another good news and so soon! Hope there’s more yet to come!

Recently we found ourselves at Antyradio’s single’s chart called Turbo Top. Yesterday we were at 17th position, today it’s 14th and tomorrow – who knows? It’s up to you! So please, vote here: – you can do it every day, so be brave and click on! 🙂

There’s another single’s chart that has taken us by surprise, very pleasant surprise. It’s Czwórka Radio, you can vote here: And if you really, REALLY like our music, you can even vote up to 4 times there! Just refresh the site and you’re good to go another round 🙂

We are beginning to think where this is all going to and how often should we ask you to vote. And we decided, that we will do it more and more often (which is already happening at our Facebook page). We went this far and there’s no turning back – we will never go back to garage. Well, of course, we never had a rehearsal room with AC, massage, bar and co-work, but neither do we played in a garage. In a garage we will keep our Ferrari though, once we are first on both charts, HE HE HE.

SO, we kindly ask you to vote in Turbo Top and in Czwórka Radio. And after that… well, we will see what’s gonna happen after that :-). But we have a feeling, that it’s all going in a right direction.

We love you and you’re awesome! Remember that! 😉